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LaidBackBet was created for those who want to generate guaranteed income in a fun and sustainable way. Whether you want that new pair of shoes, an extra special holiday, or are in it for the long haul, LaidBackBet is here to help.

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Watch our premium training videos and follow our step-by-step guides to walk you through everything you need to know
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Our Oddsmatcher and Matched Betting Calculator make placing bets quick and easy
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Earn money from offers everyday and track your profits in our Matched Betting logger

Anyone can benefit from matched betting but it can be difficult to know where to begin

LaidBackBet will guide you through every step

  • All the best online betting offers from the best bookmakers, found and collated for you
  • Easy to digest training videos on each and every offer type
  • Complete range of essential and supplementary tools needed to calculate your bets, minimise your time wasted and maximise your profit
  • Dedicated support from our team
  • Theory and strategy training to take your Matched Betting and Advantage Betting to the next level


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